The International Conference

Exiting Violence:

the Role of Religion. From Texts to Theories

Trento | October 10-12, 2017

What is the role of sacred texts and related theories in shaping political frames more incline to tolerance and pluralism or on the contrary to radicalism and violence? What is the resulting role of religion in violent conflicts?

Starting from these questions, aim of the conference is to analyze the various roles of sacred texts in different religious and cultural traditions, regarding violence, and in particular the hermeneutics of violence in the sacred texts, the role of sacred texts in the shaping of theories and practice of religion related politics, theories of religion in the narrative of international conflicts, contemporary strategies for countering violence through religious pluralism. We will analyze the role of religion not as an independent and decontextualized variable, but as a factor linked to politics, society, culture, economy and ethics. Theologians, philosophers, anthropologists and political scientist are involved.

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